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inspired by community
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Founded in early 2014, REME [reem] is the abbreviated version of a play on words “Real Estate Made Easy”. While there is nothing easy about real estate, we work hard to make the visions and aspirations of the public and private sectors align. We achieve this by first identifying and understanding each property’s unique challenges. As a team, we formulate a plan to rigorously address those obstacles with creative and innovative solutions to make the dreme a reality. By leveraging our teams experience in homebuilding, it allows us to create spaces that families enjoy and are proud to call home. Our grassroots efforts in construction have created a path for REME to embrace more meaningful development projects that make positive impacts and lasting impressions in the communities we work in.

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REME exceeds ordinary expectation with extraordinary execution. We love to create meaningful places that enrich people's lives through unique experiences that turn into blissful memories. 

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